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Email: Alma Bailey, Conference Coordinator,

Mail: Discover Your Roots Committee, 1591 East Temple Way, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Phone: 310-475-7018 or toll-free 800-533-2444

One thought on “Contact Us

    Afriya Rutledge said:
    November 29, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    We are saddened at the lost of several formidable African Americans presenters at “Discover Your Roots” who, for the first several years provided the types of information and instructions we need, in order to further our research of our enslaved ancestors. For the last three years, however, and we are sad to say, “Roots” has provided almost no new or useful information for us to continue…only information for beginners.

    As I’m sure you are aware, researching enslaved Africans in this country is quite different from researching any other culture. This is mostly because of the necessity for the government to develop new and different record keeping in order to record this new culture while the old culture was being erased. This including going from a 3/5th of a man to a man that could be counted. This type of information and new trends of research were, indeed, the information that caused us to attend from “Roots III” until 2013.

    We are in hopes that you will consider these factors when beginnning your preparation “Roots 2016”, next year. In the mean time, I think we’ll sit this one out as we did last year. If you feel that we have some good ideas and input on these issue, kindly let us know. We would welcome a discussion that we know will improve what has, in the past, been a great program. In the meantime, may we suggest a few of the presenters we most learned from: Lisa Lee, ‘Got Genealogy’; Marjorie Higgins, ‘California African American Genealogical Society’; Surah LeNoir-Mfume,’Americas Best Genealogy Researchers’. And yes, there were others we remember because of the quality information they were able to disseminate.

    Hungry for knowledge of how to research our enslaved African ancestors…
    Afriya, Ethel, Eva, Franklin, Gregory, Nosekhere, Lateria, Mylesia, Sharon andThad.


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