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gerard-mckayMy interest in family history began during my childhood in St. Louis County, Missouri. My father, Julius S. McKay, was a great teller of family stories and each one of my six older siblings and myself were well-versed in McKay family history. As I grew older, I combined my desire to document my family history, and my love and study of U.S. history, into formal research at the National Archives in Washington D. C. in 1989 and with subsequent trips to the Family History Center in West Los Angeles. Other than a few census records, I had limited initial success in finding documents to confirm the family stories. Following my retirement, with more time for research & travel and with the explosion of web and computing resources, I have now confirmed or solved many (not all) of the family stories and mysteries on my paternal side–while identifying and documenting eight generations of ancestors and communicating with, and visiting, several distant cousins. The research story about my great-grandparents, William & Amelia McKay, was published in the January 2011 quarterly edition of St. Charles County Heritage, the Bulletin of the St. Charles County Historical Society.


Probate Records: Finding Slave Ancestors Before 1865

Probate Records: Finding Slave Ancestors Before 1865 (Repeat of Session 1)

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